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Missus Sedas

Pipa mini

Pipa mini

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100% natural Mulberry silk floss.
Hand dyed and handmade.
The silk thread is a 6-stranded thread, easily separable.
Size: 2 grams and approximately 11 yards


Meet Pipa!

Pipa is our puppy. She came for a short foster stay, but she never left and now we can´t let her go, she mean a lot to us.

Pipa is a diabetic dog, neglected for years and later abandoned on the street, sick.
She has been returned several times to the shelter because of her condition, the diabetes-related incontinence, cost of treatment, ...

And now, since December 2021, she is also blind, due to diabetic cataracts
… But Pipa never gave up! She is determined to be happy with her life! ... And keeps the faith in humanity! ... She is going to teach me so much! 

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