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Missus Sedas

Rouge mini

Rouge mini

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100% natural Mulberry silk floss.
Hand dyed and handmade.
The silk thread is a 6-stranded thread, easily separable.
Size: 2 grams and approximately 11 yards


Generally it is very difficult to capture the original color of my silks, but in this case it is TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE.
I have tried it in all kinds of conditions: in a lot of natural light, in little natural light, directly exposed to sunlight and practically in the dark … there is no way.

I’m also having trouble finding a similarity between DMC colors. It is not 814, nor 815, it is much darker and is a more burgundy color than red.
In Spanish, it could be said that it looks like the “Caoba” color of the hair dye.
Exceptionally, I have put a photo to be able to compare with the DMC 814 and 815 colors.

Sorry, but I think an image is more worth a thousand words, so if you want to see the original color you can see it on Jan Hicks Creates´ flosstube channel, video #93

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